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Our clients often ask us to help them improve their bids and reduce the amount of effort it takes. Two of the most common questions they ask are:

“How can I stop re-inventing the wheel every time I write a new bid?”

“What’s the quickest way I can improve my bids?”

Creating a bid library or improving the one you have is the best way to avoid starting from scratch with every bid. And the quickest way to improve your bids is to improve the layout and ‘look and feel’. These are just a couple of ways that our bidworker consultancy service can help you win more bids with less effort.

Create or update your bid library

You may have hundreds of pages of information that you incorporate as required in your bids. Some material will be out of date or not written in a style that is suitable for a bid and some you just won't be able to find when you need it! The solution is a modular structure of well-written, accurate, reliable information that you use whenever you need to write a bid. What we do is:

  1. Analyse the different ‘typical’ bids you produce and create the extended structure for each type.
  2. Map out which of your current documents fit into these structures, as well as how complete, correct and up-to-date they are.
  3. Organise and edit the documents to create a set of modules that are all of a consistent standard, use the same terminology and are suitable for inclusion in a bid.

Improve the look and feel of your bid

The look of a bid is as important as the words. A good template will not only make your bid look attractive—encouraging recipients to read it—but will also make information easy to find.

We can create a Word template that will be the basis for all your bids, providing a consistent and modern ‘look and feel’ while following your corporate guidelines.

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